Monday, April 4, 2011

What's on your plate?

The most common question I get asked after "how are you and Baby Lew?" is "what are you craving?".

I have had quite the journey with food and pregnancy. Before I knew I was pregnant, I had a sudden (intense) aversion to sweets. I typically packed a cosmic brownie or gummies of some sort with lunch. It was so weird to me. Around this same time, I weighed myself only to find that I had dropped 6 pounds...for no good reason to my knowledge. Mike swore it was because I had gone to the gym twice in one week, bahahahaha. That was so funny to me! :0)

Anyway- it wasn't long after those noted changes that we found out we were expecting....and about a week after that.....HOLY ROLLER COASTER! I woke up one morning, made my cup (because I eat in the car) of cereal and took one bite and thought I would spew Lucky Charms or whatever I had that day. If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE cereal. LOVE IT. Every kind...minus the one with cinnamon. I was in total disbelief that such a thing would or could EVER happen to me! ha! I tried Saltines. Disgusting. I tried Wheat Thins. Gross. I tried Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. Never felt so sick in my entire life. Looked at eggs. They all of the sudden had down feathers in them. Graham Crackers...with ginger ale. PERFECT. Now, these weren't just any graham crackers...they were Great Value graham crackers. I bought the name brand next grocery trip....barf. SO, for the first 10 weeks.....from 6am to 12 noon....graham crackers and ginger ale. I went thru approximately one box every 3 days...much like cereal. :0)

At my check up, the doc asked me if I had any concerns. I didn't really....other than my eating. For the most part...I ate pretty healthy. I have always been very conscious of my carb intake as my body is very sensitive to them. Welp, let me tell you how quick that went right out the window.... I (still) cannot stand the thought of any cooked veggie. And fruit cravings come few and far between. The only way to get me in a room with those and from my plate to my mouth is a salad. The doc assured me that I was ok. :0) YESSSS! To continue to eat what I craved, as that was obviously what I had deprived my body of for so long and it was now in desperate need of....until 20 weeks.....FOLKS, that is next week. EEEEEEEK!

In the mean time, I really haven't had "cravings" necessarily, but strong aversions and only a few things that sound really good everyday. I guess that means it's a craving?!? My first bizarre craving was original corn nuts (I think I just felt the baby move just talking about it!) and a coke mixed with cherry slurpee from 7-Eleven. Haven't given up the Slurpees since. My Corn Nuts craving turned into salt and vinegar chips. And that has since changed to Funyuns....and avocado. I know, I know....weird, disgusting, gross....I have heard it all and all I can say is, I'm pregnant. :)

Cereal breakthrough! FINALLY, I was in the grocery and wanted some good junk cereal. So, Trix and Cookie Crisp were the picks for the week. The following week I made a healthier choice for a bit....Frosted Mini Wheats. Now in the pantry.... Corn Pops and Rice Krispies (I like those with a teaspoon of sugar).

So, there you have it....that's what's on my plate! :0)

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