Sunday, October 10, 2010

my bEsTiE is engaged!

Meet my bestie!
Natalie Louise Branch!
(she is going to kill me when she sees I put her middle name on here!)
She has always said she is going to steal my middle name for her little girl (one day) I have always said I would steal hers for mine and call her "Weezie" for short....hehe! Of course, Nat, cringes at that statement!

Natalie (or as I have always called her, Nally) met when we were at the tender age of 11. I don't really what to say next....haha.....something along the lines of inseparable would probably be sufficient! We did everything best friends do....sleepovers, shopping, burning things in candles...and then holes into the carpet, best friend puzzle necklaces, 3-way calls to our crushes, bonfires, beepers that looked outfits that looked alike.

High places.....different classes. We were here and there and everywhere....our schedules didn't match at all. It was sad, but we did what we had to do. After we graduated, I started working at the cancer center at tallahassee memorial and she worked at the coffee shop know a best friend when the second you lay eyes on her after a years time has passed, you pick up right where you left off. And we did just that. And again.....inseparable would be the only appropriate word here.

And we continued to do what best friends do....late night drives just to talk, sushi dates, beach days, dacing & drinkin, HILARIOUS pictures in the car, concerts, movie & junk food because our latest fling broke our heart.....or we broke theirs.

When I moved to jacksonville to finish radiation therapy school....i wasn't alone much....nally hit the interstate for the first time ever to come spend the weekend with me.

then, i got engaged....and of course (after the rents & my sis) she was my first phone call! I could hardly wait to ask her to be a bridesmaid! I was SO EXCITED to get the very same phone call 2 weeks ago from Nally! She made sure to let me know that I was the first phone call after her parents & brother....and with her excited and oh so squeaky voice, she asked me to be her matron of honor! Her and Austin were attending a friend's wedding in St. Augustine. After the reception, Austin set up a horse & carriage ride. They made a stop under the historic Love Tree and he proposed. After the "yes", Nally returned to the carriage to find roses and bubbly to celebrate! How romantic was that?!?

We have walked together on this crazy path we call life....we didn't always walk to the beat of the same drummer, but we always picked up right where we left off....because that's what best friends do!

I can truly say that I have never seen her happier....ever. I know that she feels like she is living a fairy tale....I can see it in her face, I can hear it in her voice. And I couldn't have hand picked a better man than Austin Capers for the girl that means so much to me!

(the four of us at ICE for nally's birthday last year)