Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SwEaT eQuItY...

<--- Bryan & Jennifer (our small group leaders), Me & Mike, Jenny & Mike, Megan & Mike.

(It's no mistake....we have 3 Mikes!)

I know that most of you have heard me talk about my small group in one fashion or another. There is something so incredible about being able to come as you are...something about vulnerability. It's hard to put into words just how close we have grown together in our relationships with one another and in our relationships with God.

I always giggle when someone asks me where I go to church. I giggle even blogging about it. Our name is simple....T.B.A. (or weird) :) But, it is the meaning of that name and THE church that stands behind it that is SO AMAZING!

It first stood for "To Be Announced". That is exactly what we were.....2 healthy churches, with 2 different names united for a greater become the hands and feet of Christ. So, for the time being, we were truly to be announced. In the mean time, we outgrew our building (Hallelujah!) and sold it!

At some point we knew we would need to define our name. After almost 2 years...T.B.A. sort of grew on all of us and I don't think we really wanted to let it go. After lengthy discussions, prayers, and planning by our pastoral team....


Unique. And I just love it . :)

Our new building is under construction. Groups of volunteers from church have been out on the grounds cleaning up and such after the workers........."sweat equity". It looks like we will be moving in sometime this summer! (the pic above is obviously from just that....not exactly our Sunday best!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"I love running cross country....On a track, I feel like a hamster." - Robin Williams

....I love going to Lake Hollingsworth here in Lakeland to run (2.8 miles), however, I can't seem to get myself around the thing more than once.....and when I read this quote by Robin Williams, I knew why! Ha!

(Holly & I runnin')
Anyway- For the past two years I have ran several 5k's with my besties from work. They are so much fun....and ADDICTING! We participated in the Dash for the Donut (Police Officer Memorial Fund), Miracle Miles (Babies at Winnie Palmer), and the Santa Sprint (Special Olympics).

(Holly, Karah, Rhonda, Me, & Erin after the Miracle Miles)

(Holly & I after the Santa Sprint)

Last month, Holly and Erin went on to race in the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Some other peeps and I were on the sideline cheering them on. Every single time they ran by, it literally brought tears to my eyes. It was SO VERY inspirational. So, on the way home, that was it. They had made up my mind for me....

(Erin & Holly after the Princess Half)

I have recently started training with the Gallowayans.....the group follows the Jeff Galloway training method.....not the ONLY way to run, but it works for me! The official season opens in June ---- we focus on the Women's Half Marathon in November and the Breast Cancer Marathon in February.

Check it out:

Sunday, I ran my longest run with Meg..... 10.5 miles. (my body was only a little pissed, haha)

Much love to those in my life who encourage me to be more than I believe I can be. <3