Monday, June 21, 2010

sTaR sTrUcK!

Last month, Megan and I got the privilege of tagging along with the Diaz's to see Jonny Diaz in concert at Busch Gardens! After he played, we followed right behind the family like little ducklings to go chat it up. It was awkward because of them (the family) Jonny is just Jonny....but as for Meg and I, well, we were star struck! We were giggly and all! You know.... "those girls" who ask to take a picture and they act as if it isn't a big deal
(but it kinda was) ...... yeah, that was US!
(and look how UNREPRESENTABLE I was! puh! all sweaty and nasty!)

Anyway- yes, and while we were there I was reunited with some friends from First Baptist of Tallahassee, Alyssa & Paulo! It was SO good to see them! Come to find out, they both work right down the road from my work... lunch plans are in the making! ...and did I mention Paulo plays for Jonny?! :D of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Emmett.....
the newest addition to the Diaz family!
Meg & I (before we got all sweaty!)