Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love Letters

I just LOVE to get mail! ...not bills, but letters. :) Since I have been pregnant, I have received a love letter from Baby Lew each month. They each are absolutely adorable and it seems everytime I get one, it's just what I needed to hear. I hope you enjoy them and think they are as neato as I do!
Month One "You Just Found Out About Me"

You Just went to the doctor to find out if I'm for real
So now that you know, here is the deal
I'd first like to introduce myself as your baby
You can be certain now, there is no more maybe
Soon I will be sharing with you my new trick
It is to change moms sleeping habits and make her sick
Sorry Mom about making you queasy
But life in the womb is not always easy
The next time I write mom will start to show
Right now I have some growing to do so I must go

Love, Your Baby on the Way "Baby Lew"

Month Two "My First Photo Shoot" (Although, we at this point have had THREE!)

Hi, it's little ole me with message number two
My first photo shoot, what is a baby star to do
I was minding my business just getting some rest
Then a flash came, they didn't even give me time to get dressed
At first I was wondering to myself why
Then I said "who cares, I am not shy" (<-- already taking after it's mom!)
So show me off if you must
Don't worry, I won't fuss
I hope it was as good as you thought it would be
Do not forget to hang up the first sonogram picture of me
Very soon I will write you again
Just keep telling me that you love me as often as you can

Love, Your Baby on the Way "Baby Lew"

Month Three "God Checks On Me Every Day"

I figured I would write just to say hi
I also wanted to tell you I met an important guy
Meeting someone here can sound a little odd
But He is everywhere, his name is God
He told me that it does me no good to scream and shout
It takes nine months to figure my way out
He said "I know not seeing your parents is tough...
Be patient my child, first you must grow some more stuff"
This God guy is pretty o.k.
You would be happy to know he checks on me every day
So as you wait for me to write you the next letter
Just remember that I am not alone, it will make you feel better

Love Your Baby on the Way "Baby Lew"

ps- the little angel behind the love letters is Mike's Aunt Pam. :0)