Sunday, August 16, 2009

one year ago today, i married my best friend

the age old question...."where did ya'll meet?" the worst answer..... "a bar." haha. but, it's true, our first introduction was at aj's in tallahassee on a tuesday night. i was there with 12 or so girlfriends celebrating my sister's birthday. a mutual friend (now) of ours, Dave, was there with his buddies running around. when i ran into them, he introduced me to the stranger that was with him....mike. we said "hey, nice to meet you" and we both went our separate ways. never crossed my mind again and i never crossed his again.....until church on wednesday, hahahahaha. cracks me up. the college group was meeting in the smaller sanctuary and mike was sitting up front. when it was over, he stood up and screams, "hey, aren't you the girl i met at aj's last night?". my eyes got really big..."yesssssssss". anyway- so, yep, that was it! he was on vacation A LOT that summer. we kept in touch thru facebook and texting mostly. his dad has a $400 cell phone bill to prove it. :/ when fall classes were in, we were pretty much inseparable.

we got engaged in may of 2007 after dating about a year. we were in lakeland for a long weekend and mike made plans for us to eat lunch with his mom on that thursday. so, we are getting ready to go. i did my make-up and threw my hair in a pony tail. he walks by the bathroom and asks, "are you gonna do your hair?". i answered, surprised that he asked, "it IS done". he stood there and looked at me. then he said, "i mean, are you going to straighten it?". at this point (not out loud) i'm thinking, is he serious? what is wrong with my hair? again, i said, "my hair IS done". we get to mike's mom's office and he tells her that he wants to take me to Hollis Gardens sometime. She said, well why don't we run over there before lunch? i was upset because i had not brought my camera. no worries. mrs. cathy whips her right out of her purse. haha. ok. so, we go moseying on over. she says, want me to take a picture of you? sure. it was in front of the most random weird shaped metal thing ever. i didn't say a word. she takes it, i look over and around and then to mike and he is on his knee. i had to take a second look because he did that ALL the time with his cell phone! the first thing out of my mouth was "are you serious?". haha, i tried to give him a way out, just kidding. so, the wedding planning began.

everyone told me that the first year was the hardest year of marriage and if you can make it thru that year, then you'll be fine. to be honest, it wasn't sooo hard. of course, now, they are changing their story. today, it's if you can make it thru the first 5 years, then you'll be fine. ah, who knows. i don't, but i do know that we are both as happy today as we were a year ago when we got married...we still laugh and grin ear to ear when we talk about our wedding day. we truly had a blast. it was sooo much fun!

I want to (again) thank our friends and family for being who you are. we couldn't have done it without you! The next big step in our lives....a house. we have been in the process of buying (in case you haven't heard) and it has been just that, a process. i realize that things could have been worse, but dang, buying a house is stressful! our scheduled close date is friday august 28th at 3 pm. we are sooooo excited! here is a sneak peek! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

princesses don't turn into pumpkins...

mike and i have been attending tba church (formerly known as epic...we have since merged with church of the highlands...long story, but a Christ filled one) for a little over a year now. bryan legg, our pastor, and his wife, cheri, were our small group leaders at the time. we got to know them and their 3 girls, alyssa, avery, and addyson, very well. their family is a LOUD HOOT! :0)

alyssa legg, one of the little princesses in my life, turned a whopping 7 this week! to celebrate her birthday, she invited 10 of her friends to a sleepover at her house. (yes, i said 10 and yes, i said sleepover). i wanted to do SOMETHING to crash the party...i stewed over it all day at work.

i finally decided that i would dig my wedding dress out of the closet and attempt a princess surprise. well, 11 months and 10 pounds later, mike squished me into the dress. the first comment out of his mouth after he got it zipped was as follows: "man, babe, you got a butt". he was referring to my fluff that was pushed up and in towards the center of my back! how dare he!oh, but wait, it gets better. as he runs his hands from the center of my back to my sides he said, "there, i smoothed it out." mmmm, huh. yes, he did.
the next task was to squish me into the car. HILARIOUS! i DID drive myself. now i know why we had someone take us to the reception and hotel! there was a dress and a ittle head on top. haha.

obviously, me getting back into my wedding dress and showing up at the sleepover wasn't going to be as impressive to 13 little girls as it was to me. so, i grabbed a HUGE pack of DOUBLE roll toilet paper. we split the girls up into groups of 3. their task was to turn one of their group members into a princess/bride by creating a wedding dress using one roll of toilet paper. it was a blast. there was mostly paper on the floor and on bryan!

and, how could i forget, the infamous cupcake tree! this is the 2nd year cheri has used it! all the girls decorated their piece, placed it on the tree, and gave it a spin! (yes, it spins, just not on it's own) i got this tree as a wedding gift from my mee-maw. i wasn't sure when i was going to get to use it, but i have several times and so has cheri!

i left only a few asleep at midnight. the rest of them were either giggly or hot, haha!

.....about the princess/pumkin thing. maybe they don't turn into a PUMPkin, but a PLUMPkin, yes! :o)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

25 mph

funny story.

i leave for work before the bars close and Jesus gets up. i was on the parkway wednesday morning with just one other vehicle. the air was blasting, radio jam'n to the tune of God is great, beer is good, and people are CRAZY as i sipped my iced coffee (which is another story). not long after being on the road, the sheriff's office flew by, running lights and sirens. (this about a mile before the toll closest to I-4...the one that doesn't have a sunpass dedicated lane). i SWEAR that officer never slowed going through the toll. i didn't expect him to, i'm just saying. the truck ahead of me passes thru the toll, hesitating only a little as he anticipated the infamous sunpass beeeeeeeeeeeeep! i was thought to, the S O didn't hesitate at all and the guy ahead of me barely hesitated....those yellow and black arms MUST go up faster than i think. so, i unintentionally did not hesitate passing thru the toll booth...and the arm didn't move...until it hit my windshield with a thud! it scared me. i clinched my teeth and made an "eek" face as i peered in my rear view mirror. after everything seemed to be ok, i laughed hysterically until i cried!

this morning, i hesitated going thru the toll. i had time to waive at the toll booth worker, which i didn't do yesterday. only today, she didn't waive back. :/

Monday, July 20, 2009


Okay... My sister-in-law, Samantha talked me into this thing called blogging. I was hesitant at first because I wasn't sure anyone but her would stalk me. :0) Well, I gave it a whirl...actually, it gave me a whirl. Templates, settings, titles, fonts, profile, colors, buddies, links, followers....yeah. mmm huh. Computer-literate, I would say yes. Blogger-literate, nope! So, I first emailed Heather (her blog is AMAZING...) and invited Samantha over for "dinner" (she just got roped into this as well, so set-up...fresh on the mind!).

AnD vOiLa....done. :0) Bedtime for now.